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Congratulations to Bro Brian Miller PM and WSW Bro Pat Rattray who welcomed the Charity Cycle Team to Thane of Fife for a comfort stop on their 49er Cycle Challenge on Sunday 23rd June 2019


Congratulations to Bro John Easton who received his Jubilee 50 Years Certificate from RWM Bro Thomas Brian Simpson on Wednesday 20th March 2019


Congratulations to Bro Kerr Clelland who was raised to the degree of a MM on 6th March 2019, pictured with The RWPGM Bro Stewart Quigley and RWM Bro Thomas Brian Simpson


Congratulations to Bro Les Smith on receiving Honorary Memberships of Lodge Thane of Fife No 781. Bro Les is pictured receiving his diploma from RWM Bro Thomas Brian Simpson


Congratulations to WSW Bro Pat Rattray on conferring the WSW’s FC Degree on Wed 30th January. Pictured is the degree team along with Candidate Alberto Nobili, and FKPGM Bro Stewart Quigley and FKPPGM Rev Bro Andrew Paterson.


 Bro Alex Morris PM laying a wreath on behalf of Lodge Thane of Fife No 781 in memory of the fallen to commemorate the 100 Year anniversary of WW1 (pictures courtesy of Bro Alex White Jnr)


RWM Thomas Brian Simpson presenting Brother Bobby Reekie with his 50 Year Jubilee Certificate at Regular Meeting on Wednesday 3rd October 2018


Lodge Almoner Bro Alex Morris PM laying a wreath to commemorate the 100 year centenary of World War 1 held at Douglas Bank Cemetery on 11th August 2018


IPM Bro David Brown being congratulated by Bro Colin Cruikshank RWM of Lodge St Fothad’s No 1059 having led a degree team from 781 to work an Excellent EA Degree on Tuesday 20th March 2018



Regular meeting Wednesday 18 October:  RWM Bro David Brown presents Bro Jim Boyd with his Jubilee 50 Year diploma


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