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Another two weeks have passed with no Masonic Meetings being held or even scheduled for 2020. As we all know we should have returned for the start of the new season but Alas the dreaded Covid 19 had other ideas.

Spare a thought for our RWM Bro Pat Rattray who should have been presented with his 50 year Jubilee Certificate last Wednesday night a huge tribute to a good man and good Freemason both to the craft and to 781 in particular. I was absolutely stunned when Grand Lodge point blank refused to send his certificate despite us requesting and finally pleading for a change of heart. So Pat, on behalf of the Lodge Congratulations on a fantastic achievement and when you’re Certificate is finally dispatched to us we will present it to you with all the pomp and circumstance that you deserve.

Also, I was in touch this week with our two candidates namely Mr Douglas Clark and Mr Colin Bird, applauding them for their patience to join our ancient and honourable society. I have also contacted two prospective candidates who enquired about an application form and apologised to all for the delays incurred.

While the Lodge Brethren remain Covid Free, unfortunately I was notified concerning two well known Brothers whose health have taken a turn for the worse. Firstly, I was contacted by Brother Alex McFadyen PM who informed me that the had contracted Pneumonia and was isolating for two weeks as a precaution. With all that Brother Alex has endured over the last few years this is the last thing he needed and I am sure I speak for the Lodge when I wish Alex a speedy recovery to better health.
I was also notified by our Brother Almoner Bro Brian Miller PM that Bro Jeff Mair had suffered a stroke. I sent a letter and card to Jeff, who replied informing me that he was on the mend but unfortunately had lost his driving licence (revoked) and he had been left with a slight speech stammer that the hoped would dissipate through time. He will remain in touch with Bro Miller for progress and updates to his health.
Both Brethren thanked the Lodge for their messages, letters and enquiries and wished 781 all the best.

Congratulations to Brother Alex Morris PM who represented 781 at the PGL 275th Anniversary golf tournament. He played in a quartet which included Bros, Gordon and Alex Keatings and Bro Fraser Machray all of 877. The group finished 11th from 33 groups and a very respectable round   against some formidable handicappers.

The 781 Three Ball 🎱 Lottery Draw still remains elusive with No Winners from Saturday’s Draw. The jackpot for this coming week now stands at £610.00
As everyone had paid through the close season to September 2nd we have decided to take payment to January 2021 (hoping we will return by then) so if members can pay Bro Andy Machray £11.00 per line ( some brethren have more than one) then this would be appreciated.

That concludes the news letter Brethren other than to wish you good health (especially to our Brethren who are currently sick) please take care and stay safe.

GM Secretary

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